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VIDEO: On This Day - Rangers clash with Ajax in 'unofficial' European Super Cup

Rangers went down swinging in Amsterdam as they were beaten by Johan Cruyff's brilliant Ajax side.

Johan Cruyff

We're sure that everybody's aware of the story of 1972, and how Rangers won the European Cup Winners' Cup, beating one of the greatest football sides of all time along the way in THAT Bayern Munich team. Another test against an all-time great team lay in wait, however, in the form of the Ajax of Johan Cruyff, who had just won the second of three consecutive European Cups.

It would've been the first European Super Cup ever played, with a journalist from Dutch paper De Telegraaf proposing the idea to Ajax's club president. UEFA, unfortunately, kiboshed the idea, on the grounds that Rangers were banned from European competitions for a year, for the crime of punching fascists - which you'll now notice is all the rage. Ahead of our time, as always.

Anyway, we decided to go ahead with it anyway, under the guise of a Rangers Centenary celebration (as if 1972 hadn't been enough of one already.) Ajax got an impressive 3-1 win in Glasgow, before an end-to-end 3-2 defeat for Rangers in Amsterdam, forty-five years ago to the day, sealed the win.

So, is it counted in Ajax's trophy cabinet? Does it officially count as a European Super Cup? Well, the answer is that nobody cares, because it's no a real trophy, and lol at having a star on your shirt for winning a Super Cup like Aberdeen.

Anyway, watch the highlights of the game below.