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VIDEO: Rangers kid Jamie Barjonas scores stunning 30-yard goal vs Falkirk

Jamie Barjonas scored a double in a 5-1 rout of Falkirk, and this screamer was the best of the bunch.

Jay Mansfield

A young Rangers side thrashed Falkirk 5-1 last night, and while youth team footage is hard to come by, Jamie Barjonas posted a video on Twitter of his stunning goal which helped his team on the way to the win.

The Rangers youth team have been racking up plenty of wins and goals in recent weeks, and with an extremely young lineup, it looks like the future's bright at least where youth are concerned.

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We'll also have some profiles of the best talents in the youth team at the moment, many of whom are highly thought of at the club and have a real chance of making it in the first team. We'll be posting these later in the month, so stay tuned.