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Video: Watch the Loving Cup ceremony

As is customary at the first home gome of the new year, the Rangers board hosted the Loving Cup ceremony in the Blue Room at Ibrox earlier today.

Paul Murray, John Gilligan, Joh Greig and Mark Warburton were all part of the ceremony, which involves a toast to the reigning monarch, before today’s 2-1 win over Motherwell in the Scottish Cup.

The Cup was presented to Rangers by then president of Stoke City Sir Francis Joseph after Rangers took part in a benefit game following the Holditch Colliery Disaster in 1937. 30 of the cups had originally been produced to mark the coronation of King George VI in December 1936 and, after one was presented to the King, each of the 22 First Division clubs in England; the two clubs who would be promoted from the Second Division (Leicester City & Blackpool); the Football Association; the Football League; the Scottish FA and Sir Francis would all receive a Loving Cup. With one left spare Rangers would be presented with it in October 1937 on the condition it was used each year to toast the health of the monarch.

Of the 30 produced it’s believed only a handful are still in existence with Everton, Grimsby Town and Rangers continuing the tradition today while Chelsea’s is in the club’s museum.