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1.5m Rangers shares bought by mystery owner, with old face rumoured

Someone’s been buying up an awful lot of RIFC shares today...

Rangers FC To Go Into Administration Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Rangers shares have been on the move today, with 1,465,840 shares being purchased this afternoon by a mystery buyer.

The shares amount to an investment of just over £400,000, and comprise a 1.79% holding.

Who the buyer is remains a mystery so far, although (completely unconfirmed) Twitter chat suggested that the hand of our old friend Brian Kennedy was at the trading platform.

Of course, an even bigger mystery is where the shares have come from.

We’re expecting news of this to emerge in due course, although so far, there’s not really any cause for concern of jubilation - the move won’t make any major difference either way, and the good guys remain firmly in charge. If Brian Kennedy has decided to get on board, however, we can probably put that down as a good thing.

We’ll post any updates when we get them, so stay tuned to the site by following us on Facebook or Twitter. Or, if you’re more interested in on-pitch matters, tune in to tonight’s game.