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Dave King gives confusing update on Rangers Retail and Sports Direct situation

Dave King has spoken to fans about the situation with Rangers Retail and Sports Direct, but seems to have made things less clear if anything.

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Rangers' situation with Sports Direct and their "joint venture" (pause for laughter) Rangers Retail was pretty confusing, so we were hoping that the last of Dave King's fan responses concerning the matter would shed some light upon the situation. Unfortunately, it's done anything but.

You can read the statement here, although you might as well not bother. King goes into a rather confusing discussion about being on the board of Rangers Retail and trying to find a "response" to TRFC cancelling the contracts, seemingly ignoring the fact that he happens to be, er, the majority shareholder and chairman of the club.

King also apologises for not being able to go into much detail over the situation, and that's fine. It's an ongoing legal matter concerning a number of parties, and it's only natural that he can't play this all out in the public domain. Although we could've done without the "TRFC Dave has been making things very difficult for me, RR Dave" weirdness. Is this our own version of Celtic Peter and SFA Peter? Hopefully we can get some clarification on the matter soon.