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Mark Warburton: Rangers fan gave me abuse at petrol station after Hibs defeat

Mark Warburton says that he realised the changeable nature of managing Rangers after he got some "derogatory remarks" from a Rangers fan at a petrol station.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Mark Warburton revealed in yesterday's press conference that he received some "derogatory remarks" while at a petrol station from a Rangers fan.

Yes, despite being fresh off a glorious triumph at Hampden and winning the league by a landslide, some fan thought it would be a good idea to dish out some abuse for losing to Hibs at Easter Road in what was for us a dead rubber.

File under "significant proportion of people are diddies, club supported by lots of people will therefore have a few diddies among its support" and move on, in our opinion.

Of course, we should mention since Warburton had preceded this with how he'd had to watch his every word that this wasn't a whinge from our manager, but merely an off-hand comment displaying the nature of the job.

On the other hand, he didn't say it was about football. Maybe he just left his car parked at the pump when he went in to pay despite there being a queue? We can only speculate.