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Rangers draw Celtic in Scottish Cup semi-final: It's an Old Firm semi...

Rangers will get the chance for one final Old Firm game before they return to the top flight, as they were paired against Celtic for the Scottish Cup semi-final

David Cannon/Getty Images

Well, they did it.

Rangers will get one final crack at Celtic in an ultimate Old Firm derby before returning to the top flight at the end of the season, after the two were drawn together in the Scottish Cup semi-final draw.

The game will take place at Hampden Park on either the 16th or 17th of April.

In GTBFO's view: This is a good draw. It's probable that we'd have to play them at some point anyway, so it might as well be when they're distracted by the league and have less time to regain their form. We'd also have a huge wait between our final game of the season and the cup final if we get there - best to get this one out of the way in the semi-final.

At the moment, we undoubtedly look the better team - we've nothing to lose and so nothing to fear. Bring it on say we.

What are your thoughts?