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VIDEO: Harry Forrester's goal for Rangers against Dundee after just THIRTEEN seconds

Harry Forrester has put Rangers ahead against Dundee inside thirteen seconds at Ibrox.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Well, that didn't take long. Harry Forrester has Rangers ahead against Dundee after just 13 seconds of the Scottish Cup Quarter-Final with this belter of a goal

Yep - thirteen seconds. Celtic, of course, couldn't manage to trouble Scott Bain in 90 minutes last time out, and by our calculations that means we're roughly 415.384615 times better than they are. It's going well so far, with Rangers looking by far the better side, but it's early days just now.

There's still plenty of the game to go, but we'll keep you updated and post any more goals, red cards, brawls, controversial fouls, and so on that happen. Or head over to our Twitter and follow from there.

Oh, and as for Harry Forrester - we're delighted to report that we were completely wrong about him. Sign him up.VIDEO