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Rangers Player of the Year Award 2016 - It's got to be both votes for Barrie McKay

GTBFO is backing Barrie McKay for both Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year. Here's why.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

The votes for Rangers Player of the Year 2016 are open, and thanks to Mr Warburton, you can pick any member of the squad to win the prize. It is GTBFO's humble suggestion that you choose Barrie McKay, for both Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year. Here is our reasoning.

Firstly, any of the other contenders also have a slight issue or problem. Lee Wallace has been inspirational at times but has had long periods of being ineffective despite his consistent energy and movement, when his poor crossing has shown him up. Martyn Waghorn's bad injury seems to have made some people forget just how bad he was for the four or five games prior to it. Jason Holt also had a pretty big dip in form, albeit after coming back from a minor injury. James Tavernier has had a couple of shockers. Everybody else either hasn't been around long enough or hasn't been good enough.

In contrast, McKay has only really had one dip in form, during the team's period of struggling in front of goal. Firstly, it showed how important he'd been to the attacking play of the team. Secondly, his dip merely took him down to decent levels rather than poor, so high was his starting level. And even then, he'd often cause a late game spark by being moved out to the right wing, an impact substitution in himself.

It's not just that. Bar the odd jazzer from distance from the likes of Andy Halliday, James Tavernier, Martyn Waghorn or Lee Wallace, all of the best moments at Rangers this season - the moments of highest quality, of real genius, have come from Wee Barrie. Let's have a look.

There's the fact he's the best passer in the team, when it comes to weighting, technique, vision and even range, as we can see for this fine example of one of the many great through-balls he's played this season, for Kenny Miller:

Then there's his ability to operate as a more traditional winger with his speed, dribbling and crossing ability, as he showed early on in the demolition of Hibs:

Then there's his goalscoring ability, and he scored probably the goal of the season for Rangers with this stunner:

Or, of course, you can just look at all of this - dribbling, passing, goalscoring, as he put Queen of the South to the sword with a virtuoso performance:

The case for him to be POTY makes perfect sense. Are we looking at who's been the most decisive influence in the team? He's certainly a contender. The player who's reached the highest levels of quality and ability? He would surely win on that count. The player who's been the most consistent? Again, it's another win there. Whatever criteria you want to judge it on, McKay wins out.

And there's not really another candidate worth considering for YPOTY either - particularly if the improvement he's shown and his ability to step up his game is what's being considered there. Nobody else has improved anywhere near as much.

Give the wee man the votes he deserves. #BothVotesBarrieMcKay