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Rangers transfer rumours roundup: Veteran EPL star wanted by Old Firm, loans from Arsenal and Spurs

Transfer news is back on the agenda as the inevitable procession towards promotion continues apace.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Afternoon, brothers. The roundup has been away for a wee while, but you've not missed much. Until now, that is. We're at the point of the season where it's obvious that we're going up, so the speculation for the transfer window ahead can begin apace. There's two rumours to kick us off today, one weird and kind of interesting if unlikely, and the other a triumph in stating the blindingly obvious.

Anyway, here you go.

Rangers will go for more loans, presumably

Aye, we could've told you that. Strangely, this seemed to be initially very exciting but has in practice turned out to be the weakest part of Mark Warburton's transfer strategy, with Nathan Oduwa and Gedion Zelalem turning out to be pretty disappointing in the end. We'd be quite happy to see Dominic Ball back in a Rangers shirt next season, though. There aren't any specific names mentioned, but Arsenal and Spurs are.

Rangers linked to Steven Pienaar

This is a weird one, which we'd be surprised at, as presumably he could command pretty hefty wages. The source, HITC, is also not very reliable. We'll see if this one gets picked up anywhere else on the back of any new information before considering it.

And here's the non-transfer stuff doing the rounds:

Rangers the main talking point in Scottish fitbaw again

The BIG QUESTION of the day is apparently whether St Mirren were right to adopt the servile attitude of pampering our fans by charging them exorbitant amounts of money to sit on a hard plastic seat in Paisley watching their collection of no-hopers.

Rangers welcome Lee Welsh

Which was very nice to see.

Scottish baby names of 2015 revealed

Another blow for those of you who like to pretend to your English pals that Scotland is somehow a more serious country that has managed to avoid the ever-growing cancer of Twee, from which few holdouts now remain. Oddly missing from the list were "Sevco", "There is NO Old Firm", "Rangers died" and "Back Resolution 12."