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Rangers Power Rankings: Find out which players are most in-form and which need to be dropped

A new feature taking a look at the form of the Rangers squad, drawn from fan-voted player ratings from the last five games.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It's time to introduce a new feature to GTBFO, the Rangers Power Rankings, where we take all of the fan-voted player ratings from the past five games and look at the form of the squad by getting the average. As this is the first time we've done it, there aren't any movers up or down, but as the season goes on, we'll monitor any developments and see who's on the rise and who's in decline.

The full list is at the bottom of the page, but let's look first at who should be the first names on the teamsheet:

Top of the class

The rather surprising figure at the top of the table is Dominic Ball, who has by far the highest rating, although tempered by only featuring in two games - the 0-0 against Kilmarnock, and the 5-0 thrashing of Dundee, in which he received one of the highest ratings (ratings weren't given for the Kilmarnock replay owing to a lack of TV coverage.) While there's no doubt Ball has done well, it may be a case of the system working better with him deepest and Andy Halliday further forward, as better performances tend to produce higher ratings across the board.

His nearest competition was Michael O'Halloran, who played three games in the period - the three Ball didn't feature in - and received consistently good marks, and there's little doubt he's one of our most in-form attackers. Harry Forrester's recent form also sees him on the rise, while inconsistent but overall decent form from Barrie McKay, Lee Wallace and Wes Foderingham also see them occupying the top of the table.

In mid-table

While the defence has been very good of late, they've had little to do in many games, so Danny Wilson and Rob Kiernan are stuck in mid-table, with the likes of Jason Holt (excellent against Dundee but otherwise not at his best since his injury), Kenny Miller (something of a mixed bag of performances lately) and James Tavernier (who is well on the way to putting his poor form behind him.)

Must do better

Andy Halliday might be far from bottom of the table, but of all our regular starters, he's certainly in the weakest position, with few games recently where he's been one of the most positive players. Billy King hasn't impressed too much since his debut match-winning performance, while Nicky Clark and Dean Shiels haven't been able to have too much of an impact off the bench. The bottom three is occupied by Nicky Law, who has offered very little recently, Gedion Zelalem, who put in a poor display before picking up an injury, and Martyn Waghorn, who was in poor form before being laid off with a bad injury, and so will probably remain at the bottom of the pile for the foreseeable future.

Dominic Ball 7.6
Michael O'Halloran 7.0
Harry Forrester 6.9
Barrie McKay 6.8
Lee Wallace 6.8
Wes Foderingham 6.8
Kenny Miller 6.6
Rob Kiernan 6.6
Danny Wilson 6.5
Jason Holt 6.5
James Tavernier 6.4
Andy Halliday 6.2
Billy King 5.6
Dean Shiels 5.6
Nicky Clark 5.3
Nicky Law 5.1
Gedion Zelalem 4.8
Martyn Waghorn 4.0