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Morning roundup: Rangers to sign SPFL midfielder, Warburton slaps down Sutton, and Scotland squad announcement

The morning roundup is back, and features the latest barrages from shoot month, Scotland's squad announcement later today, and a hot transfer rumour.

Mark Renders/Getty Images

Did you think we wouldn't be back? We've been busy, that's all. Big things are happening, and today marks the third month of our existence. We should be having some player interviews and the launch of a podcast for you very soon, and plenty more. If you've been enjoying our content, do let your pals know about us.

Anyway, you'll be wanting your news.

Mark Warburton hits back at Chris Sutton

Shoot month continues as Mark Warburton helpfully points out to Chris Sutton that while Celtic's players may in theory be superior to ours and cost more money, they are in reality playing like a set of blindfolded diddies with their laces tied thegither and that we'll hammer them 5-0 just you wait and see.

Rangers to sign Ali Crawford?

So is the rumour on the oft-prescient FF. Our transfer policy is very odd, almost no names to get you excited and almost no failures either. At this point Mark Warburton could say he was bringing Ian Black back to play up front and we'd be like "well, I'm sure he knows what he's doing", so if he wants to sign wee ginger neeks from Hamilton Accies, then fine.

Rangers unveil unified fan group proposal

So don't be left out. Work yourself into a catatonic state of rage and paranoia over it like everyone else. Join in the fun.

Gordon Strachan to announce Scotland squad today

GTBFO must admit to being a firm Rangers And Scotland Fan, and does not agree with or endorse the Rangers school of thought that might say, to quote one response to our previous talk of this, "Scotland are pish strapons a tim watp". Nonetheless, the game's all about opinions, so feel free to ignore our missives in the matter. We'll still be supporting our brothers and cousins in Ulster at the Euros, don't worry.

New Glasgow subway trains revealed

A nice design, it has to be said. Simultaneously futuristic and swish yet also retaining the sort of subtle "Aye, we know this isnae very good but its the best we can dae" feel that the whole affair has always possessed. It's hard to get a design to be iconic enough to come out with a really powerful message, and everything abotu Glasgow's subway has always said, very strongly, and they've very much stuck to the theme here. The designs feature wheelchair access, and would offer "quieter, smoother" journeys and "maximise space", which as anybody who has ever travelled to Ibrox on a day that Rangers are playing anyone bigger than Clachnacuddin will know, is a hell of a claim. On the downside, safety barriers will be installed so you won't be able to use it to top yourself, as the nanny state clamps down on yet another much-beloved Scottish tradition/pastime.