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VIDEO: Scottish Cup draw mistake as ball bursts open live

We're waiting for the cup draw here, as it's had to be redone after one of the balls opened up. A slow clap for the SFA.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Eight baws and a bag. A situation of labyrinthine complexity for the SFA, apparently, who almost managed to conduct a successful cup draw but fell at the second hurdle.

Aye, that's right - the draw had to be redone after one of the balls came open in the bag.

That was close, they were about to draw us away. Can't have that. Turns out it's cup draws as well as literally everything else that Lubo Moravcik is inferior to Brain Laudrup at.

And to think people think these idiots are capable of carrying out some grand conspiracy stretching across decades, hidden in the shadows, silently manipulating the strings from the sidelines, maintaining total secrecy. Eight baws and a bag was too much for them. We'll have the real result on the frontpage shortly as soon as it's announced. Stay tuned!