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Morning roundup: Deila must stay, Coisty in, and Ashley in court again

There's not much Rangers news this morning, but our friends across the city are having quite the time of it, and Mike Ashley is about to make a fool of himself again.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Morning, brethren. The strange howling you can hear is a combination of people of certain tastes realising "Here! We're spent the past three years arguing about how Sevco are deid and in the meantime Lawwell and this Norwegian clown have poured £40 million down the drain buying an expensive collection of no-hopers that can't even beat Aberdeen!" and the wind. The sweet tone of that noise is sadly made discordant by the fact that Deila is surely now a dead man walking and next season might be a wee bit trickier with someone - anyone - else in charge. If that's the case, then come on - we're probably good enough. Let's hope it happens in the next round of the cup. Let's do it in style. Just once, before things return to normal, for old times sake. It's going to happen. We can feel it in our water.

Anyway, here's the news:

Aberdeen cut the gap at the top to three

GTBFO doesn't want to dwell too much on what's going on over there, but this is important for us, too. Firstly, the standard on show hardly reveals a colossal gap between us and the apparent best Scotland has to offer. But more importantly - good god, this was a miserable showing. In the second half, after Ronny Deila had given his team talk, his men put in perhaps the most abject display GTBFO has ever seen from a Celtic side. Aberdeen missing two sitters and the referee missing two red cards and a penalty were all that stood between them and a total meltdown. This team is absolutely shot, mentally. Deila has built it - if he goes before next season, as seems inevitable now, it's probably going to be bad news for us. Celtic basically only ever make two kinds of managerial appointment - the safe pair of hands or the wild-eyed gamble. Opting for the former, as all common sense would dictate, would be a worry, but the fact Deila hasn't gone yet just gives us a wee bit of hope it'll be the latter yet again.

Coisty could end up managing Kilmarnock

Jig's new ten-year deal is presumably lying on his desk already, waiting.

Bert Konterman hails Mark Warburton as a visionary

Bert Konterman has been in the press for some fucking reason and he's optimistic about Mr Warburton's reign at Ibrox.

Where are the Newcastle five now?

The Record looks back on where the hopeless collection of jobbers Ashley lumbered us with a year ago plus Haris Vuckic are. Shane Ferguson looked the best of the lot when they arrived, and seems to have proven so after, despite not getting a kick for us with suggestions, but no confirmation, of an injury. Could it have been that the former GAA player reportedly makes Michael O'Halloran look like Alexander Leslie in comparison? We have no idea, but once a Ranger, always a Ranger, eh?

Ashley in court again

This time over the SFA's decision to fine him. Building up a never-ending stream of petty court cases doesn't look to be the best decision now, does it?

Glasgow Effect project wants to 'provoke a response'

This is still going on. At a sold-out event to discuss the implications and reaction to it. Hmm, it's almost as if it was drawn up by a greedy narcissist who'll debase themselves to the lowest degree to get attention and avoid an honest day's toil, isn't it? She needs a week at the coalface. Like, er, being a Rangers blogger.

Anyway, predictably the response basically amounts to the video following this post. The old Katie Hopkins defence, where "provoking a reaction" excuses all incompetence and ill behaviour. Does it make people good at their job? Well, it sells out debates and gets a lot of hits, certainly. For folk who think that's all their job consists of, and have the total lack of morals necessary to pull it off, yes. The thing is, it's not particularly hard, is it? Is it any surprise that, with our increasingly infantilised culture, behaving like a two-year-old and doing a shite on the carpet to get people to look at you is considered a triumph?