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Queen of the South vs Rangers, Fan Player Ratings Results: Foderingham and Miller the standouts

Kenny Miller and Barrie McKay got the highest scores in our fan player ratings. Check them out here.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

The fan player rating experiment continues apace, and we've been quietly impressed by the silent majority here, who don't blame all bad defending on Danny Wilson or give anyone who scores a goal a nine. You've been doing it smartly (although one of you gave Andy Halliday a ten and Kenny Miller a five - you know the 'based on looks' edition was a one-off last week, right?) and we're pleased to see the results.

Here's how you voted for the win at Palmerston Park:

Wes Foderingham 8 - MAN OF THE MATCH

A fine performance with several saves to keep the three points meant that you gave Foderingham the highest score by quite a distance. And why not - this was a match-winning display for sure.

James Tavernier 5.5

Tavernier gave a deeply weird performance - wildly inconsistent crossing, a plethora of misplaced passes both long and short, yet won the ball back countless times while going backwards and forwards and kept hold of it in some difficult positions. Two decent efforts from free-kicks, but his performance was ultimately a mess of inconsistencies and only earned him a poor rating.

Rob Kiernan 5.5

Rob Kiernan got some oddly mixed ratings, which we can only attribute to the weird Danny Wilson hate among some fans, because the former Watford man was seriously poor today, making one particularly horrendous error with his headed 'clearance' presenting Queens with by far their best chance of the game. Still, he got a bad rating as a result.

Danny Wilson 6.2

To be fair, while Wilson was certainly the better of the two, he hardly shone either. Virtually every single Queens set-piece ended with a shot for them, and he could have done a lot better even if he didn't make any obvious mistakes.

Lee Wallace 6.1

Wallace continues his malaise, struggling to find the net or teammates with his crossing. He's been like this a while now, but there's no alternative in the squad save for possibly Andy Halliday, which would surely be for emergencies only. A week's rest might do him some good.

Andy Halliday 5.9

A mixed performance today, but certainly not one of his best. One of the most divisive players on here when it comes to ratings, but it averaged out at a mediocre score.

Jason Holt 6

Slightly flat, Holt hasn't been able to capture his earlier-season form since returning from injury yet. Perhaps the general woes of the team have seeped into him, or he's just struggling to get his eye back in, but it was very much a six-out-of-ten display today.

Barrie McKay 6.9

McKay got a reasonably high score, although despite his deployment in the middle of the park, he wasn't up to his usual standards. He still did very well whenever he got on the ball, the team just weren't able to find him as easily - the team yesterday might be one for the bigger pitch at Ibrox where the spaces will be large and the tempo will be slower.

Michael O'Halloran 6.5

A very mixed performance as O'Halloran went on occasionally brilliant runs, but usually followed them up with two kinds of crosses - lashed in aimlessly with such power that anyone who dared to head it would risk decapitation, or stood up to the far corner flag. Didn't even really have the beating of his full-back either - although he actually showed how good he could be, this was an ineffective, poor display.

Nicky Clark 4.9 - DIDDY OF THE DAY

Nicky Clark can join Dean Shiels and Nicky Law in the number of players we have who are great off the bench but useless when starting. Despite the fact he scored the winner midweek after coming off the bench within the first ten minutes! Maybe he was tired, or maybe he's just another in the long line of Rangers strikers who just don't have what it takes to be a starting number 9 here. Clark feeds of crosses, and ours today were poor, but it was a toothless display from him by any measure.

Billy King 5.4

A disappointment, seemingly showing neither the pace, guile or strength to regularly beat his man. Would perhaps have been better off deployed on the right with McKay on the left, but should still have done much more than he did in a more or less anonymous performance.

Kenny Miller 7.4

A fluke of a goal, but a very good performance off the bench regardless - his link-up play can be superb now and our attacks can look a lot more cohesive with him around, and he still has bundles of energy if he's only playing part of the game. Managing him carefully between now and the end of the season could be very important for us.

Dean Shiels 5.1

A somewhat harsh rating here, although he didn't really do much he gave his usual decent performance off the bench. We were surprised not to see Dominic Ball or Gedion Zelalem come on later too to keep the ball or shore things up, though, and that's probably because Shiels couldn't manage it, although it's difficult to do that on your own when the whole team's decided to retreat.