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VIDEO: New Rangers signing Michael O'Halloran highlights, goals, and assists

After Rangers signed Michael O'Halloran, let's take a look at some highlight videos with godawful music to see what we've got.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Michael O'Halloran has signed for Rangers, you may have heard. We and Mr Warburton have already seen him in action when he helped put us out of the League Cup earlier on in the season, but here's a few videos to help you find out what we've ended up with here.

First up, a traditional goals/assists video drawn entirely from the first half of this season with terrible music just like they do for those fancy Spanish guys. O'Halloran seems to have a potent combination of pace, strength, and being very much a head-up player. No doubt that appealed to Mr Warburton, although we wonder if his cutbacks will still be effective since we have very few players who are good at attacking them.

Next, this is a fine counter-attacking goal, with O'Halloran playing a more central role in proceedings, where he might be used for Rangers. A more direct option should make goals like this more common for us, if he can use his pace, strength, decision-making and finishing as well as he does here.

And finally, here's the highlights from the 3-1 against St. Johnstone earlier, when O'Halloran ought to have had an assist and used his pace and strength to burst through the centre and score the third.

Well, there you go. Something a wee bit different, and a huge boost to our attack. It's just a shame that his prowess on the counter-attack won't be available in the cup.