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Morning roundup: Petrofac tickets, Waghorn's replacement and Elven sectarianism

The morning roundup features news on the Rangers First elections, the opening of the scramble for the sporting event of the century, and some elven sectarianism.

An elf wearing the most sectarian of colours yesterday.
An elf wearing the most sectarian of colours yesterday.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, brothers. Keep going - just a few hours until that sweet Tennents will be catching your back teeth funny and making you worry about the dentist again, and then just a few more hours until the pain will be gone and you will live in a magical land where there are no such things as dentists and everything is wonderful and full of love. Skip ahead a wee bit and make the time whizz past by reading the roundup.

Challenge Cup Final tickets on sale

Get them before they're hot.

Angela Haggerty reinstated

Not really sure what the point of that was, given that it seemed a perfect excuse to dump such a toxic writer in the first place who is bound to do something else daft given enough time. A slow clap.

How could Rangers cope with the absence of Martyn Waghorn?

Good question, brother. Some mediocre answers to it are in the link.

Richard Gough elected to Rangers First

Fair play to him. Sadly, GTBFO-approved candidates Stuart McQuarrie and Derek Miller both narrowly missed out, although Greg Marshall, another fine candidate, made the cut. Kelly Johnstone apparently impressed at the AGM too. Not to sound like an Oxbridge student complaining about a society election being a "popularity contest" here, but the bad news is the predictably-massive margin of victory for Ricki Neill, who appears to have been (we must assume, since he/they won't tell us, happy to correct this if otherwise) behind a fair few fuck-ups, suggests two things. Number one, folk will basically continue to just vote for their pals and who they've heard of, and number two, there's not really any information on what the hell the incumbents are doing, good or bad on which to base a decision about them upon, and essentially relies on people being the bigger man and coming clean at the expense of that lovely, lovely power. Which makes the whole democracy thing a bit sticky, as you may have noticed if you've been outside in the past 300 years. Nonetheless, anybody wailing about packing in the Direct Debit because they didn't like the outcome is a diddy too, so join us on this lovely warm fence anytime.

Teenager who dressed as elf and sang sectarian songs banned from Celtic games until he gets his Higher results

"We will never be mastered by no Orange bastards" was the song in question (GTBFO thought we were their tyrannical oppressors, though. Has the script changed?) GTBFO doesn't believe in locking people up or subjecting them to Draconian banning orders for singing songs, although a couplet with a double negative that doesn't scan and uses an approximate rhyme? That's the best they can do? If we were Peter Lawwell I'd tell them to go away and come back when they had something a wee bit better.