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Rangers 1-1 Alloa, Instant Reaction and talking points: Clumsy, wasteful, careless

Rangers were finally made to pay for their wastefulness in front of goal as they could only manage a draw against Alloa, despite complete dominance of the game.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Rangers endured a deeply frustrating result at Alloa, managing only a 1-1 draw despite perhaps giving their most dominating performance of the season. A shocking lack of concentration at the back, clumsy finishing, and an inability to fashion a clear enough chance or finish half of one against a determined Alloa all contributed to Rangers downfall. Here's some talking points after that fiasco:

1. There are now serious question marks over Martyn Waghorn

Martyn Waghorn is obviously going to be a good player for Rangers. But he just isn't a striker. He can't score goals unless he has the ball under his spell, at his feet, and is having a run with it. That makes him effective at cutting in from the right wing, but at cutbacks, crosses, and in congested penalty areas like today, he's of hugely limited use. Add in his lack of form affecting absolutely everything, from his touch, dribbling and passing as well as his finishing, and there's no way he should be starting on Tuesday, even with the dearth of alternatives.

2. Kenny Miller and Michael O'Halloran are our best central options

O'Halloran has never been prolific, and Miller is ancient, but they're still the only real strikers in the team. O'Halloran's physicality in the box was a welcome addition on days like today, although wasn't fully used until it was too late. Miller's introduction also came too late - he seems to be the only player in the team able to function as a proper penalty-box player, and get on the end of second balls. Speaking of which...

3. Sorry, but we need a plan B

Our style of football this season has been excellent, but it does leave us prone to days like today. Rangers failed to adapt to Alloa's defensive system until it was too late, as a different approach was needed. The short passing game to break down a ragged defence is great when the game is semi-open, when there's plenty of space, or if the opposition makes mistakes. If none of those things are true, it needs to be completely on-point to yield goals. Today, it wasn't. And we don't have players who can score from nothing, and a lack of physicality and an ability to win the second ball to make up for it. "Winning the second ball" might be sniffed at by purists, but if it's beneath us, what on earth is failing to beat Alloa?

4. Danny Wilson is struggling

One of the most alarming things about the game was not the lack of any quality when finishing, but the apparent ease with which Alloa were able to get the ball out for long periods after scoring. It ought to have heralded Rangers pinning them inside their own area for the remainder of the game, but instead they were able to get change out of long balls forward. Wilson is almost entirely the wrong type of centre-back for this sort of game - he doesn't have the physicality to mop such obvious, direct danger up, and it may have contributed as much to our downfall today as our wayward shooting.

5. McKay is wasted on the left

Rangers are too full of players who prefer the short option when passing, and to see our best passer, who also possesses the widest range, out on the left is maddening when our options out wide are so plentiful. With McKay in the centre, Rangers move the ball more efficiently and more quickly - an inability to do that is why the chances today were so plentiful but had few real sitters among them.