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Rangers 1-2 Celtic, reaction: Time to rip it up and start again...

Rangers v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

You wonder what on earth this Rangers side actually practices in training. It's certainly not defending set-pieces. Or attacking ones. It's not counter-attacking either. Even our pressing has been pretty ineffective for a while now. So if the suggestion that our training is entirely focused aroudn possession drills is true, we might also wonder why we've been forced to abandon a short-passing game and lump it long to Joe Garner in order to remain an effective side.

That option was denied to us today, and the other failings of the team were laid bare. A move to three at the back was a bold but logical move by Mark Warburton, and while he deserves credit for trying to change something, all he has done is proved that the team doesn't work. The old issues - a shocking amount of space down the flanks, an exposed defence, and defenders not good enough to compensate in either a back three or a back two - remained. It's not about the system after all.

Against Celtic, Rangers had two players who were outstanding (Barrie McKay, Wes Foderingham), a couple who were decent (Kenny Miller), and everybody else was pretty much varying levels of not good enough and never will be. A bold change is needed, but it'll need to be a chance of players or manager rather than formation to get things sorted.

So, which option do we take? It's hard to say. We've finally seen that this collection of players cannot be moulded into an effective team, and there's not much worth saving and only really McKay to build around. That's quite an exhaustive rebuild, but it's time to recognise most of this team for what it was - a vehicle designed to get us to a specific destination that we have now, already, outgrown.

But then, you start to think of who put this squad together. And you start to think of the set-piece defending, the complete inability to counter-attack effectively, the infuriating post match interviews, and all the rest of it.

Whether it's the manager or the players who go, it's pretty clear that neither one is helping the other very much. Even allowing for Hearts and Aberdeen being totally useless, something will give soon.