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US TV show to look at ‘unparalleled’ Old Firm rivalry

NFL legends Tom Brady & Michael Strahan team up with Gotham Chopra to take a look at the Religion Of Sports

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With less than a fortnight until the first Old Firm game at Ibrox in years, an American TV show will take a look at the rivalry which has come to define the Scottish game. AT&T’s Audience Network will air the season finale of Religion of Sports Old Firm special entitled ‘Keepers of Faith’. Produced by NFL Hall of Fame member Michael Strahan, future-NFL Hall of Famer Tom Brady and film-maker Gotham Chopra the series has followed fans and athletes across a number of sports (including NASCAR, MMA, Esports and Baseball) as they delve into what is arguably the most pervasive religion on the planet, sports fandom.

The sixth, and final, episode airs on Tuesday night at 8pm ET (3am on Wednesday for any insomniac Brits with a USTV hookup) on the Audience Network and, according to the blurb sent to us, will take an in-depth look at "a rivalry unparalleled in the sporting world, with religious, societal, and historic tensions. This episode explores their centuries old feud."

It’s hardly going to be cutting edge stuff but hopefully it goes beyond the tired, old cliche of ‘Rangers/protestant & Celtic/catholics and that’s all the hatred boils down to’ when it’s far more than just that. There’s also the giant inferiority complex Celtic fans suffer from over Rangers record trophy haul.

We’ll bring you a review once it airs later this week but in the meantime here’s a trailer for the upcoming episode...