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Rangers 4-1 Livingston, Five talking points: Is Barrie McKay the brightest talent in Scotland?

There was a lot to take in from Rangers' victory over Livingston today, including the continued superb form of Barrie McKay and Martyn Waghorn, and Mark Warburton's vision proving true.

McKay, back when he was pish.
McKay, back when he was pish.
Tom Shaw/Getty Images

1. Barrie McKay might be really special

That's about five games in a row now where Barrie McKay has given a performance worthy of a man of the match award. At first, it was a major shock that he looked like he might be a decent wee player for us. Then, he managed to get some consistency, although the Yer Da figures at Ibrox still wanted him to run down the line rather than come inside. Suddenly, he's managed to do everything, showing an outstanding range of passing from the freedom enjoyed by the ever-fluid system we're using, and routinely beating opponents for skill and pace down the line. If he can score a bit more regularly, he might be more than just a good wee player. We could well have one of the brightest talents in the country on our hands - some players might claim to match his skill, but can any match his consistency and breadth of talents?

2. Martyn Waghorn is best on the right wing

Waghorn's weirdness is a problem that has been solved by Mr Warburton by moving him out to the right, where his inconsistency at getting on the end of crosses and cutbacks doesn't matter so much, and he can do what he does best - shifting it onto his left foot and hammering it into the net. What it'll mean when Michael O'Halloran completes his transfer to Rangers is up for debate, but it would give us three players, along with Waghorn and McKay, capable of playing pretty much anywhere across the front three. Interchanging the attackers has worked wonders in recent weeks and it's probably the way forward for the future too.

3. We should probably send Nathan Oduwa back down the road

Two games in a row out of the squad for the Spurs youngster, who failed to live up to his early flashiness with much of an end product. Hard to see him getting in the team ahead of Barrie McKay, who is simply a superior player in every respect, or Kenny Miller, who offers reliable goals. Nicky Clark is the preferred option off the bench, we've signed Harry Forrester and we're about to sign O'Halloran - it would make sense for everyone concerned if he simply went back to White Hart Lane.

4. Danny Wilson is still probably our best central defender

There's been a lot of rotation of centre-backs recently, but Danny Wilson looks most likely to be keeping his place. As well as bagging the first goal of his second spell at Rangers today, he looked a lot more composed in defence and possession than his partner Rob Kiernan, who came in after Dominic Ball's unconvincing performance last week. A centre-back should probably be the first priority in summer if, as expected, Toumani DIagouraga and O'Halloran move to Ibrox this window.

5. Mr Warburton was right

"The best Plan B is to do Plan A better" was a saccharine comment that could've been hanging on some motivational poster on the dressing-room wall if we were a more embarrassing club and Her Brittanic Majesty wasn't hogging the space (perhaps next to "You don't have to be Protestant to work here... but it helps!") but it turned out to actually be right. The response to claims of our short-passing, fluid attacking gameplan being found out was simply to be even more determined to play the ball, even more fluid, and even more attacking. Livingston were pretty hopeless today but playing one-touch football in a blizzard is no mean feat. Anybody who had any complains about the style of football has now been proved entirely wrong.