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Rangers losses slashed to a FIFTH of last year

Rangers were in court earlier as a Wifi company failed to ring-fence £300k of the club's money, but the most interesting fact was in the club's accounts.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

As we predicted earlier this week, talk of a 'cash crisis' or imminent threat of administration at Ibrox proved to be a load of empty howling from a dejected Wifi company. The courts threw out their bid to have £300k of the club's money ring-fenced, and shot down their claims that the club was in financial trouble.

As you may have seen from the timelines of either Grant Russell, or perhaps even James Doleman (hundreds of Celtic fans paying their own money for court reporting they could get for free on STV, only to be told that Rangers were in rude financial health? Lovely stuff) we also saw just how much better things are off the park these days.

From £2.6m to under £500k in the space of a year is simply incredible work. How's the 'genuine billionaire' patter looking now?