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Rangers Supporters Trust continuing fight against Sports Direct with another shop before Livingston game

The Rangers Supporters Trust will be opening up another shop at Ibrox Primary School before the Livingston game, allowing you to buy merchandise without giving your money to Sports Direct.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

On Saturday 16th January, prior to the Livingston game, the Rangers Supporters Trust will be opening a shop within the Ibrox Primary School (opposite the stadium) to give fans an alternative to buying merchandise direct from the club. There'll also be plenty of signs up to show exactly where to go for people interested.

Offering an alternative to buying from the club has proved popular with many supporters dismayed by the Sports Direct retail deal and disgusting actions of a supposed partner, and there have been occasions already where more supporters are wearing Lionbrand/Armed Forces tops compared to this or last years official club tops. It's often claimed that the Rangers support does little to affect change, but contrary to that, I'd suggest that few supports have made as much stands and sacrifices in recent times.

This will be the second time that the Supporters Trust will be selling merchandise from within the shop, with the previous one being a success on the 12th December. However, this one is expected to feature a wider range of merchandise to choose from, including the well known Lionbrand tops for the first time, armed forces tops, branded mugs and also some children tops.

Within the Lionbrand range, there is also a special Fernando Ricksen top in beautiful orange colours, with funds for this being divided equally between MND Scotland and a medical fund for Fernando, which shows the compassion and respect our support shows for both Fernando and sufferers of MND everywhere.

There will be volunteers from the supporters trust who will be there to assist you with any purchases on the day, with all profits (a minimum 50% margin) going towards saving for a future share issue which the Trust hope to maintain their stake by avoiding any dilution and increase their stake if possible with their belief in giving money directly to the club.

The shop will open at 12.15pm this Saturday, so if this appeals to you, then get down there and at have a look around, and I'm sure the volunteers would be happy to discuss things further with you.

You can follow Rangers Supporters Trust on Twitter at @RangersFCTrust. They are very open to answering any queries.