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Confirmed: Rangers back in control of Auchenhowie

Sports Direct's securities over Auchenhowie have been discharged today, after the club repaid the £5m loan to Mike Ashley.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Auchenhowie is back in the control of Rangers, after the securities over the property relating to Sports Direct's £5m loan were discharged.

The process is now underway and will be completely finalised by the end of the week. This was first raised by John Stevens on Twitter:

And was also confirmed when we spoke to the Land Registry this afternoon.

One in the eye for certain bloggers who claimed all manner of snags, hitches, and conditions attached, that the club couldn't raise two quid, and further proof that the club is in the right hands, getting back to where it belongs, and continuing to make progress off the park. Still, Mike Ashley will be glad of the £5m - it's not exactly been the best couple of weeks for him. Long may it continue!