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Welcome to Got The Battle Fever On, a new website devoted to all things Rangers.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Welcome, Brothers.

We're delighted to be launching this blog on SB Nation, and glad you could be with us.

The timing couldn't be better - it was odd, at the start of this season, to be suddenly talking about football again. The constant off-field struggles and having a team where half of the players inspired outright hatred among the fanbase made simple discussions on tactics or selection an impossibility. Ian Black or Jig to stand by in midfield while the opposition surges past them? Do we watch Kris Boyd or Jon Daly fruitlessly hirple around up front? Who could honestly say they cared?

Things could scarcely be more different now. We're playing sensational football, and the team is packed with young, exciting talent racking up preposterous totals of goals and victories. We're top of the league, and look miles ahead of our nearest competitors. Our return to the league is not far off - and number 55 seems achievable and realistic rather than a hopeless fantasy.

For that reason, we'll mostly be discussing the football here. There are plenty of fans out there doing stellar work on off-field issues, and we'll work with them and share their insight when we need to, but our main focus will always be on 11 men in blue shirts kicking a ball around. We hope you'll enjoy the site and stick around as we post daily updates on goings-on at Ibrox and Auchenhowie, longer features, interviews, and plenty more.

Anyway, over to you, Jock...